The Next Big Thing


The way things work out sometimes just is crazy!

A hair-brained idea, a hint of inspiration and being in the right place at the right time is all you need to see your vision come to light.

The Hobbit Trail: A Tour of Biblical Proportions has grown to 49 Shows in 47 Nights in 45 Cities and will encompass dive bars, “World Famous” watering holes, comedy clubs, Eagle’s clubs, theatres, rock clubs, casinos and even a couple of colleges.

When we set out down the “Independent Entertainer” road, we didn’t know how bumpy it could be, how sharp the turns would be or how steep the hills regularly are. But, the rewards of building on-going relationships (30% of our tour dates are repeat customers!) and offering tremendous value to our clients make any struggle or setback seem minuscule by any comparison.

So, thanks to those who’ve said “no” to our offer – you’ve let us know we’re one place closer to the one who’ll say yes. But, special thanks to those who’ve said “YES!” your confidence and vision to bring quality entertainment to your deserving patrons is imbuing.

We’ll see you out on the ‘Trail.’