40 Shows In 40 Nights

The Hobbit Trail is embarking on our most ambitious tour to date!

Starting in September of 2013, The Hobbit Trail will launch an epic odyssey that can only be described as ‘biblical.’


Once again we are striking out from Milwaukee and heading WEST to the great land of wind-swept prairies, lousy cell-phone service and Les Schwab Tire Centers.

Our travels will take us to familiar places (Jamestown, ND), GIANT venues (360 Event Center), and interesting hideaways (Sand Point, ID) all in an effort to get Andy Andrist to do a show with us somewhere in Oregon. We’ll cover at least 7,500 miles in those laugh-fueled days and nights; hitting dive bars, comedy clubs, small-town theatres, “world famous” venues, Eagles clubs, and even a college or two. Friends in radio and print will promote and support our efforts and we’ll bring professional entertainment to both untouched outposts and over-saturated metropolii.


So, follow along and join the fun when we’re in the area. Tell your friends flung far and wide that The Hobbit Trail will get there, probably sooner rather than later, and we’re looking forward to meeting you.

With any luck, Andy will be there, too.

Check back for updates in the following cities…

  • Friday, Sept. 13th, Okauchee Lake, WI
  • Saturday, Sept. 14th, Wausau, WI
  • Sunday, Sept. 15th, Menomonee, WI
  • Monday, Sept. 16th, Litchfield, MN
  • Tuesday, Sept. 17th, Bemidji, MN
  • Wednesday, Sept. 18th, Grand Forks, ND
  • Thursday, Sept. 19th, Moorhead, MN
  • Friday, Sept. 20th, Moorhead, MN
  • Saturday, Sept. 21st, Moorhead, MN
  • Sunday, Sept. 22nd, Brainerd, MN
  • Monday, Sept. 23rd, St. Cloud, MN
  • Tuesday, Sept. 24th, Wheaton, MN
  • Wednesday, Sept. 25th, Montevideo, MN
  • Thursday, Sept. 26th, Madison, SD
  • Friday, Sept. 27th, Sioux Falls, SD
  • Saturday, Sept. 28th, Aberdeen, SD
  • Sunday, Sept. 29th, Jamestown, ND
  • Monday, Sept. 30th, Minot, ND
  • Tuesday, Oct. 1st, Williston, ND
  • Wednesday, Oct. 2nd, Dickinson, ND
  • Thursday, Oct. 3rd, Bismarck, ND
  • Friday, Oct. 4th, Rapid City, SD
  • Saturday, Oct. 5th, Billings, MT
  • Sunday, Oct. 6th, Bozeman, MT
  • Monday, Oct. 7th, Idaho Falls, ID
  • Tuesday, Oct. 8th, Pocatello, ID
  • Wednesday, Oct. 9th, Twin Falls, ID
  • Thursday, Oct. 10th, Kuna, ID
  • Friday, Oct. 11th, Bend, OR
  • Saturday, Oct. 12th, Eugene, OR
  • Sunday, Oct. 13th, Coos Bay, OR
  • Monday, Oct. 14th, Astoria, OR
  • Tuesday, Oct. 15th, Yakima, WA
  • Wednesday, Oct. 16th, Cheney, WA
  • Thursday, Oct. 17th, Sand Point, ID
  • Friday, Oct. 18th, Butte, MT
  • Saturday, Oct. 19th, Sheridan, WY
  • Sunday, Oct. 20th, Casper, WY
  • Monday, Oct. 21st, Cheyenne, WY
  • Tuesday, Oct. 22nd, Scottsbluff, NE
  • Wednesday, Oct. 23rd, Sydney, NE
  • Thursday, Oct. 24th, North Platte, NE
  • Friday, Oct. 25th, Norfolk, NE
  • Saturday, Oct. 26th, Yankton, SD
  • Sunday, Oct. 27th, Platteville, WI
  • Monday, Oct. 28th, Sun Prairie, WI
  • Tuesday, Oct. 29th, Milwaukee, WI

2 thoughts on “40 Shows In 40 Nights

    • Hey Angi,
      The closest we’re getting this winter is Oregon, Il.
      We were in Kewanee and Decatur this fall.
      We’ll get to CLinton as soon as we can.
      Thanks for checking in!

      Happy Holidays,

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