St. Practice Day – Spring 2014

The Hobbit Trail is hitting the road again to promote the idea that the celebration of drinking is a wonderful thing, but a thing not to be taken lightly.

Always put adult beverages in unlabeled containers. It keeps the alcohol safe.

A couple of fans and The Hobbit gather ’round the fire after a great show.

Understanding that third-tier holidays like St. Patrick’s Day can catch folk ill-prepared for the radical uptick in consumption, The Hobbit Trail has chosen to deliver a public service announcement, if you will, in the form of a tour that says “Don’t wait for the 17th. In fact, don’t wait for March!”

So, starting in the end of February, we’ll be criss-crossing the country sharing the notion that St. Patrick’s Day is not just for the Irish, not just for the Celebrants, and not just for March 17th. It’s something you have to live everyday or March 17th is gonna’ hurt! It’s no coincidence that St. Patrick’s Day falls on a Monday this year. The boys feel it’s their civic duty to have you a well lubricated to make that slide into an early Tuesday morning as smooth as possible.

If we had an "Official Beverage of The Hobbit Trail", this would be it!

One day we will be sponsored. We’re holding out for these guys.

We’re stopping in with some familiar faces and old friends but we’re also adding new locales to the growing roster of venues that embrace the idea of a great time. Check out the list of dates and towns below. Come celebrate with us. And let us know if there’s somebody we should talk to in your town for another stop on The Hobbit Trail: A Misguided Comedy Tour!

  • Feb 26th, Wittenburg, WI
  • Feb 27th, Marathon City, WI
  • Feb 28th, Abbotsford, WI
  • Mar 1st, Stanley, WI
  • Mar 2nd, Chippewa Falls, WI
  • Mar 6th, Appleton, WI
  • Mar 7th, Fond du Lac, WI
  • Mar 8th, Abrams, WI
  • Mar 9th, Red Wing, MN
  • Mar 10th, Litchfield, MN
  • Mar 12th, Watertown, SD
  • Mar 13th, Jamestown, ND
  • Mar 14th, Circle, MT
  • Mar 15th, Lewistown, MT
  • Mar 16th, Great Falls, MT
  • Mar 17th, Shelby, MT
  • Mar 18th, Kalispell, MT
  • Mar 19th, Grangeville, MT
  • Mar 20th, Lewiston, ID
  • Mar 21st, Payette, ID
  • Mar 22nd, Baker City, OR
  • Mar 23rd, Boise, ID
  • Mar 24th, Twin Falls, ID
  • Mar 25th, Rangely, CO
  • Mar 26th, Steamboat Springs, CO
  • Mar 27th, Lusk, WY
  • Mar 28th, Scottsbluff, NE

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