New year, new roads, new friends…

Twenty-Thirteen. It’s going to hard to say goodbye to year that saw The Hobbit Trail grow in so many ways. 

We’ve met so many great new friends, found so many cool places to perform and developed so many new tour ideas we can barely wait for 2014 to get here! 

As we finish out the holiday season in the midwest, The Hobbit Trail will be heading out east, out west and down south this spring; back to familiar places and welcoming faces (I’m talking about you, Wibby), on to new stages (how ’bout it, Circle, MT) and Texas – yes, Texas – will be in the travels that make our journey flavorful and interesting.

So, here’s to you 2013. Thanks for 37,000 miles of great shows, great folks and great memories. You’ve got a lot to live up to 2014. Good luck.